Introducing Miichisoft’s Advisor| Miichisoft appoints Mr. Shinobu Noguchi as Technological Advisor

July 4th, 2024

Based on Miichisoft’s vision and strategy for the next five years to become a leading technology company in Vietnam in terms of IT services and solutions, having a highly experienced advisory team is an essential factor. Therefore, Miichisoft is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Noguchi Shinobu to the company’s Advisory Board.

With a diverse background that includes stints as a software engineer, project manager, consultant, and CTO across various industries, our newest advisor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Let’s take a closer look at his remarkable journey!

Career summary

Project Managers and Technology Expertise

In addition to being an engineer, he has also been involved in many projects as a project manager, overseeing the development of video distribution systems from encoding to distribution in the early days of the mid-2000s, and has since been involved in a variety of projects, including launching services from 0 to 1, replacing large-scale core systems, and project management for high-traffic services. He has ample experience in project management across the entire business, from planning to release.

Consulting expertise and digital strategy

In addition to development and PM, he also has experience in consulting, and has been solving problems by accompanying companies at a practical level, rather than armchair theory, based on technical, management, and business perspectives, depending on the company’s phase and the issues they face. He is particularly strong in technology management, setting up development organizations, and promoting agile methods.

Technology Management

As an engineering manager and CTO, Noguchi has demonstrated outstanding leadership, led development teams, introduced the latest development methods, and provided cutting-edge solutions to clients. He currently serves as CTO for an apparel DX company and an education startup.

In addition to development work, his advisory work at our company also involves supporting the launch and improvement of organizations. His insights have transformed both startups and listed companies into modern agile teams.

Partnership with Miichisoft

Now, as an advisor to Miichisoft, Noguchi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to actively support the company’s adoption of new technologies and implementation of best practices. With a focus on leveraging the latest technologies, he is poised to play a key role in shaping Miichisoft’s future endeavors.

Miichisoft is excited to welcome Noguchi Shinobu to our Advisory Board. With a proven track record of leadership and innovation, we expect our Advisor will have a significant impact on Miichisoft’s journey towards excellence in software services.

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