MIICHISOFT. JSC Announces Acquisition of “AWS Consulting Partner Certification”

July 14th, 2022

In June 2022, Miichisoft was certified as an AWS partner in Vietnam in the AWS Select Tier Services Partners ranking. 

Miichisoft’s profile in the AWS Partner Network: Miichisoft JSC Profile – AWS

1. Miichisoft – AWS Consulting Partner in Vietnam (AWS Select Tier Services Partners)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community of over 100,000 partners active in providing high-quality IT consulting and solutions to clients on the AWS platform. To become an AWS partner, companies must pass AWS’s strict certification exams regarding quality and the number of necessary certifications for employees. In this context, Miichisoft conducted training courses for employees to take the AWS certification exam. Happily, in the first AWS certification exam of 2022, all 4 Miichisoft employees obtained AWS certification with impressive scores. Currently, the number of Miichisoft employees who have obtained AWS certification (AWS Foundation and AWS Solution Architect) is 9 and is expected to increase further. Miichisoft has achieved its 2022 plan for obtaining AWS partner certification ahead of schedule. This allows Miichisoft to grow strongly and provide more value to customers.

2. What benefits do customers gain when Miichisoft becomes an AWS Consulting Partner?

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Miichisoft becoming an AWS Consulting Partner is significant in providing high-quality services to businesses. Specifically:

2.1. Provision of highly skilled personnel capable of developing reliable and optimized systems using AWS

With over 30% of employees having lived and worked in Japan for years and 100% of staff obtaining AWS certification on their first attempt, Miichisoft is confident in providing personnel with high technical skills and customer understanding. Moreover, Miichisoft’s ability and experience in software development for the Japanese market have been demonstrated through Sao Khue 2021, 2022 awards, ISO certification for information security, numerous feedbacks, and representative projects. Miichisoft JSC ensures optimization of project operations and improvement of reliability and availability. Therefore, customers can use Miichisoft’s services with peace of mind.

2.2. Provision of consulting for optimal solutions

To become an AWS partner, Miichisoft needs to pass AWS’s review and certification, so Miichisoft’s IT consulting team provides consulting services for solutions to migrate to optimized and effective AWS. Additionally, the ability to collaborate with DeltaWin, a Japanese consulting company, in 2021 also demonstrates Miichisoft’s comprehensive consulting capabilities. Miichisoft proposes appropriate solutions to help customers save costs and improve efficiency for specific issues.

2.3. Accurate, easy, and flexible payment

As an AWS Consulting Partner, Miichisoft supports customers in paying and managing AWS usage costs in the easiest and most convenient way. Miichisoft’s consulting team brings many benefits related to optimal business consulting, including efficiency and budget optimization.

3. Daily improvement, continuous effort

In addition to becoming an AWS partner, 4-year-old Miichisoft also owns many other certifications and qualifications such as:

  • Sao Khue 2021, 2022 awards in the field of “Software Export”
  • ISO9001 and 27001 certifications
  • ISTQB qualifications for testers. Miichisoft is preparing to become an ISTQB Gold Partner in 2022.
  • Miichisoft’s CEO, Mr. Vu Hong Cong, was selected in the TOP 10 young and excellent leaders of technology companies in 2022, organized by VnExpress, a Vietnamese news site.
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4. Conclusion

By becoming an AWS Consulting Partner, Miichisoft becomes known in the technology market in Vietnam and around the world. Miichisoft continues to break limits and make continuous efforts to provide the best solutions and services, aiming to become a “technology partner” for businesses.

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