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Introducing Miichisoft’s Advisor| Mr. Teruaki Yamamoto appointed as Technological Advisor at Miichisoft

July 4th, 2024

In the fast-growing world of technology and business, strategic guidance from experienced leaders can mean the difference between success and stagnation. With a variety of key roles in prominent companies, Yamamoto-san has deep experience and insight in the finance and accounting domains and IT sectors, and is expected to bring a wealth of experience and insight to Miichisoft to drive the company’s strategic direction and growth.

Career summary

Mr. Yamamoto’s career journey is marked by notable contributions in various fields and reflects a wealth of experience for an individual. Throughout his 25-year career at a foreign consulting firm, he has covered the entire back office, including the SCM field, with a focus on his financial accounting field, and has gained experience in the implementation of ERP, including SAP, business reform, and building a global business foundation. In addition, he led the launch of a new business using SaaS (software as a service), utilizing his knowledge of the ERP and accounting fields.

During his more than three-year career at a global retail company originating from Japan, he served as the head of the global finance and accounting department for about a year and a half. After that, he promoted the launch of a new business that leverages the characteristics of retail to contribute to regional revitalization. These rich experiences demonstrate his ability to combine his financial insight with his broad social perspective.

In addition, Mr. Yamamoto founded a regional trading company and aimed to create a business that combines public interest and profit, such as agriculture and the discovery and expansion of local products.

A new challenge as a technology pioneer

Mr. Yamamoto’s career then took an important turning point. He was appointed as the CEO of at.AI Inc., a company that aims to use AI to solve global social issues and improve white-collar productivity. Yamamoto’s focus on artificial intelligence and its social applications, one of the latest technological trends at the time, demonstrated his sharpness of vision. In addition, defining the company as one that aims to solve global social issues also shows that the company aspires to engage in social activities on a global scale that go beyond immediate profits.

Now, in Yamamoto’s role as an advisor at Miichisoft, his mission is very clear: to act as a corporate strategy advisor and develop AI solutions, proposing directions from understanding customer needs to implementing them.

Partnership with Miichisoft

At Miichisoft, Mr. Yamamoto’s advisory role goes beyond mere advisory. It demonstrates his commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions. With his extensive experience in business environments, Yamamoto will contribute towards Miichisoft’s further success.

His strategic insight will not only determine but also promote a culture of continuous improvement within Miichisoft.

Yamamoto’s joining Miichisoft as an advisor marks a significant milestone in our journey. His diverse expertise in finance and accounting and IT, combined with his relentless drive for innovation, has enabled him to be a leader in shaping Miichisoft’s future. As we strive for growth and development, Yamamoto’s lead is committed to guiding the company towards further global level success.

Mr. Yamamoto’s addition to the Miichisoft advisory team marks a new chapter in our journey towards innovation and excellence. We believe his guidance will be invaluable as we continue to grow and provide advanced solutions to our customers.

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On July 12th, Miichisoft Vietnam had the honor of welcoming advisor Yamamoto during his week-long business trip to Vietnam. This brief yet meaningful visit brought significant value to our company.
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